Monday, February 20, 2012

What is Peace?

I have to admit: I have been grappling with something for some time now that has been making me increasingly angry and frustrated. Through my survey of human history and the perspectives of variant world history’s it has become apparent to me that there has never existed a time of true peace in the world and that there may never come a time when world peace may come to pass.

Throughout history, there has always been social discord, discord that has manifested in different ways depending on the era. Never the less, hardships seem to have been plenty from the beginning and continue to be plenty through the lens of time right until this very moment that you read this sentence.

Now, some may argue that as time passes the world’s plight worsens and others may argue that the glory days are today and our yesterdays have always been far worse. The truth is: greed, sadness, poverty, inequality, and inequity, don’t really change in intensity through the passing of time, although we may wish they did, they merely change their ugly faces to suite our space in time within a technological and socio-cultural framework and perspective.

This concept has caused me much grief as I have felt frustration and anger directed at a seemingly sightless public. In desperation, I’ve been trying to teach people anything that I have come to learn that may help broaden perspectives, escape single mindedness, and soften rigidity.  Through this battle I ultimately must accept that people know only what they know and only what they want to know. Every person’s truth may be different from mine, so I must find a way to accept other people's truths even if they may be violently dissimilar to mine.

I have come to understand that this feeling of desperation and anger I have been feeling lately in response to humanity's injustices is an unreasonable emotional response. To expect the world to become perfect in order to feel peace is simply irrational. Similar to getting angry with a small animal dying of thirst, while watching it be seated directly in front a bowl of water…why will it not just drink!?

Events are bound to repeat, there may be no Promised Land or heaven on earth. Perhaps the purpose of this life is to have is just that. Heaven may very well be only a state of mind; there may never come a day when all wars cease to exist, there may never come a day when all of humanity will agree or know the same truth. But, every day is an opportunity to find peace, to find heaven, to find truth, and to find harmony within; to simply live another day in the hopes of helping just one other person find some inner peace if they choose.

There will always be injustice and this may not be a comfortable thought for many of us. There may always be war, maybe even until there is no world to fight over. Perhaps that is the whole point, maybe the peace on earth we have all been set out to find comes from inside. I think.