Monday, May 2, 2011

Perception - Chaos & Order

The following quote is from a lecture given by Professor Jordan Peterson about chaos, order and our perception. 
“A common misconception is that the world is made out of objects […] As a consequence of seeing the objects, you think about what to do, and after you think about what to do in the presence of the objects you ‘act’. This seems self evident, because when you look at the world there the objects are. It appears to you that you see them, and then you think about them, then you act. There is a real problem with that way of thought; the first problem is, you use half your brain to see – the visual cortex is a very large part of your brain. The reason the visual cortex is so large is because seeing, is actually impossible. [People who have been working on artificial intelligence discovered that seeing is actually impossible…] The presuppositions of people making intelligent machines was that the hard part of interacting with the world is figuring out what to do once you see the object, but it turned out that making machines that can ‘see’ objects was impossible. The reason for that is that boundaries between objects are not obvious. In fact it is very difficult to try and understand how it is that we separate things up at all.” -- Jordan Peterson 

I highly recommend watching or listening to this lecture, it is informative and academically sound.

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