Tuesday, May 31, 2011

No More Secrets

It would surely push the limits of our comfort zone if we should find ourselves exchanging genuine words and interactions with every person we come across in a day – also quite an eye opening experience no doubt. Now lets take that a step further – suppose for everyone of those people you talked to and even people you had not even come in contact with you could actually know what that person was thinking. Suppose you would have a full understanding of their intentions and the inner workings of their mind, without an opportunity for deception or secrets.

Could this actually happen? What would it mean for the future of human societies? What would it mean for the distinctions and borders we put up to separate ourselves from others? Michael Persigner, a cognitive neuroscience researcher and professor who has been studying electromagnetic theories of consciousness for over 40 years has some profound thoughts related to this idea of unified consciousness.

As an analogous concept, take for example the way a radio works. We are all well aware that a good radio system can pick up a signal from anywhere in the world. Old radio systems were often static bound and had a difficult time discriminating between frequencies; the brain is like a simple old radio system. The brain can indiscriminately access all other brains signals and with training and technology it may be possible that humans can fine tune the brain’s ability to focus on other specific brain signals without sensory overload.

Since the 1870’s there have been many documented cases about people who have had sudden and accurate experiences about major events or deaths of loved ones shortly before the event actually took place. It has been determined that these occur more often on days when geo magnetic activity is quiet and usually during dream states. Similar to having better reception on a radio or phone where there is less noise in the system; having less intense geomagnetic activity makes it easier for someone to pick up on brain signals from other individuals.

This phenomenon, called remote viewing, has been demonstrated in several experimental studies. One of the studies measured people’s brains while dreaming – a test subject (person A) is asked to continuously look at a detailed picture/image in a room. Next door, a second subject (person B) is observed while dreaming in an isolated sleep lab. The person in the sleep lab does not know that someone is in the next room. Experimenters found that on geo-magnetically quiet nights the dream content of the dreamer in the sleep lab is precisely the same as the image being observed by the test subject next door. The dream contents are so closely connected that even if you gave the description of the dream and a series of sample images to a “blind” participant, the dream content and image are paired exactly every time.

Humans are not the only beings capable of this phenomenon, it is well documented that other species detect and have developed means for utilizing electrical signals. Fish often communicate with electrical signals and electrical storms have been shown to interfere with their usual patterns and ability to communicate. Birds and turtles detect the Earth’s magnetic field and use the field as a compass to navigate during migration. Cows and wild deer tend to align their bodies north-south while relaxing, but not when the animals are under high voltage power lines.

So if electrical storms interfere with the fish’s ability to communicate and power lines interfere with the usual behavior of cattle, what could possibly interfere with the earth’s electromagnetic field thereby interfering with the human brains ability to communicate with other brains? Could magnetic storms be created artificially to block the human ability to remotely access other brain signals?

During a remote viewing experiment, experimenters wanted to see if there would be a way to block remote viewing capabilities. The Experimenters created electromagnetic interference across the target with function generators and ordinary DOS system but nothing happened no interference was detected. The only system able to completely blow away a person’s ability of remote viewing was a magnetic field generated by a Windows based system. Windows based systems saturate every frequency, thereby blowing away all other frequencies. Windows is a fantastic insulator—as the number of cell phones increase, the frequency of the remote viewing, paranormal activity, and psychic phenomenon actually decrease and this has been scientifically documented. Food for thought.

So we are all immersed in the earth’s magnetic field and the strength of the earth’s magnetic field is operationally identical in intensity to the magnetic field induced in every human brain. Such convergence produces the conditions that allow global resonance. A unification of the energies produced by each human brain immersed in the Earth’s magnetic field. 7 billion conductive brains all sharing the same field creating the conditions possible to generate a human hologram. 7 billions brains all connected as One.

Imagine what this would mean for humanity and life as we know it. With some openness and focus, suppose all of humanity were able to tune in to this wonderful skill of consciously connecting with all of humanity without having to use any words, devoid of deceptions, devoid of self-denial. Suppose you could experience the unbelievable torture of hunger from the perspective of a child who has not eaten in days? Suppose you could understand the pain of a young girl forced into sexual trafficking?

We would live in a world that could not help but experience pure empathy. We would live in an empathetic society where poverty, world hunger, government deception, administration deception, and dictatorship would be eliminated. All of this would be eradicated by the virtue of the fact that 1) everyone would have equal access to knowledge and truth 2) deceptions would be impossible to keep and 3) we as a society could not veil our eyes in ignorance from the pain of others.

The truth could truly set us free. No more secrets.

Special thanks to my beloved Austin for help with this entree :)

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